Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Camps at The Little Gym Round Rock.

It's that time of year again: While the shopping centers are busy putting up tinsel, the schools are nearing Winter break, leaving many parents scrambling to find arrangements for their children to keep everyone happy, occupied, and stress-free.

Having recently become big fans of the gymnastics and dance programs at The Little Gym of Round Rock, I was happy to find out that they would be offering holiday camps for just that purpose, allowing time for parents to unwind from the holiday season and get back to work!

Not only are they offering holiday camps, but they've got some great deals going on that are sure to help divert that cash to more festive purposes!

 Right now, if you buy two holiday camp sessions, you get a third for free!

Don't miss this great deal on holiday camps for your little ones, and the chance to experience all that The Little Gym of Round Rock has to offer!


  1. My son and I used to go the Little Gym and we loved it! It's great that they have holiday camps.


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    2. Don't blame you on your choice; but you had a good run and can take this opportunity to move on to a new challenge.


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