Friday, December 7, 2012

White Christmas at the Zach Scott Theatre.

There are few things that are white about Christmas in Austin, but with the holiday season comes lovable holiday movies and musicals, and one such musical that has taken the town by storm happens to be a rendition of White Christmas at the Zach Scott Theatre.

White Christmas just so happens to be my absolute favorite Christmas movie. My mom and I have watched it religiously as far back as I can remember during the holiday season, and it is easily one of my absolute favorite holiday traditions, right up there with Christmas cookies and chocolate chip banana bread. When a movie can compete with those two things, you know you're onto something :)

Anyhow, when I heard that the recently renovated Zach Scott Theatre would be putting on a production of White Christmas at their new Topfer theatre as part of their inaugural season, I just knew that I had to be a part of the audience. In case the story alone wasn't enough of a draw, Matthew Redden scored the lead role of Bob Wallace, and that is one smile I just never get sick of. He's insanely talented, and - when I attended the performance last night - was absolute perfection in the role!

Matthew Redden wasn't the only shining star of the performance. Sure, he was absolutely key to the hit that White Christmas is destined to be, but the set design, costumes, and supporting cast were all worth a mention. Martha Watson, in particular, really stole the show in the second act, and the girls didn't disappoint either. The numbers for "Blue Skies" and "I Wish I Was Back in the Army" were extremely well done and really were the high point for me choreography wise!

It certainly didn't hurt, either, that I went with one of my best friends in the world for a much needed "girls" night after a dinner of some carb-coma-inducing Mexican food and margaritas with him, my husband and Ava, and it was the perfect Austin night out, with lots of laughs!

If you've yet to attend a show at the newly renovated Zach Scott Topfer Theatre, White Christmas is the perfect excuse! It's also worth noting that while ticket prices vary widely, there's nary a bad seat to be had, so don't feel that ticket prices should keep you away! You don't need to have the high priced tickets to have a great experience!


  1. You need to move to Raleigh and find fun stuff for me to do! LOVE White Christmas too!

  2. Sounds awesome. Since moving to Austin, the wife and I have not been able to find in the budget a place for something Like Zach Theater, but would love to go. One thing we did (as I mentioned on our blog) was go to the Tree lighting at the Driskill Hotel this past week. One thing about that, they created snow on 6th street. The sidewalk around the front door along sixth was covered in the stuff, with kids trying to have minature snowball fights and one kid even made a one foot tall snowman or should I say snow-person. That was a fun event to attend.


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