Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ava's First Day of Preschool - 2014 Edition!

Well this post is certainly belated seeing as how we just finished our second week of school - oops. That's basically the way of things around here these days...

Anyhow, without even further adieu, here are pictures of my sweet baby bear on his first day of preschool in the four-year-old class! 

^^ You have no idea how much she looks like me as a child in that last picture. It kind of blew me away.

She's at the same school as last year, and it really showed with how seamless the first-day transition was! Whereas last year she cried when I left, she couldn't have cared less this year! I was trying to get her attention to wave so she would know I was leaving, and she basically dismissed me with her hand! I guess that's better, but still...ouch. I can't believe next year she'll be in Kinder! Holy moly! 

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