Friday, September 19, 2014

Jack's First Day of Nursery School!

Jack had his first day of nursery school this past Thursday, and, he rocked it. I struggled through the first thirty minutes, and then hit my stride right around the time I realized I could finally check out the super sketch sounding but amazingly amazing Beijing Foot Massage. Holla!

On a serious note, though, I was super stressed about it. I seriously went back and forth in my head about fifty trillion times on the hour long drive in post-flash flood traffic, thinking about how guilty I felt and how selfish I was being. And while there is still 5% of me that feels that way, there's 95% of me that felt calm and centered and like I had been given a chance to regroup and just collect my thoughts for a change when I came back to pick Jack up (half an hour early for the first time anywhere ever - lol).

As for how his day went, it went great! He cried when I handed him over to his teacher, who I adore, but before I was even out of earshot, she had redirected him to the music toys and he. was. happy. Like, not crying. Miracle. I made it a point to leave as quickly as possible despite my instincts to linger, and it definitely made all the difference. As the one usually taking over when mama leaves, I know how essential it is to not draggggg it out.

When I got back, I asked how he was at the front to the director, who told me what a happy baby he was! "He didn't cry at all!" 

HUH? Is it awful that I said, "You know I'm Jackson's mom, right?!" 

I mean, don't get me wrong, I didn't want him to cry. But that doesn't mean that I'm not surprised. My baby? Smiled all day? Didn't cry once? Also, why the hell doesn't he do that for me?!?

I tried to sneak up on him to snap a picture of him playing, but he must have smelled me or something, because the second I popped into view, he locked eyes on me. I've got to work on my stealth.

When did my baby become a little boy? 

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