Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rodan + Fields: My Story!

If you've been following me on Facebook, you know that I recently joined forces with Rodan + Fields as an independent consultant for their skincare products. I've been talking a lot about it, and for good reason: I am just so, so excited about my results, and want to share the good news with all of you and inspire you to get the best skin of your life! 

Since having Jack, I feel like I've been in a bit of a funk, at least image-wise. I just don't feel great about myself. Part of this is those ten pounds I cannot lose, no matter how hard I try, but another part was due to some pretty regular breakouts that I started having. No matter how little sleep I got or how late I was running, I always felt compelled to put on make-up - and I mean the whole concealer, foundation, setting powder shebang! - to hide embarrassing blemishes. Working with children is amazing, but they don't hold much back, and I heard more, "What's that spot on your face? And that one? And that one?" to really last me a lifetime. 

I had heard the names Rodan and Fields previously, but had never really explored the products - and more importantly, the clinical results and science/medicine behind it - until I got to know a new friend in one of my mom's groups. She mentioned that she sold them, and figuring I had little left to lose (including money - the company offers a 60-day, "empty bottle" guarantee, so you can return the empty bottles after sixty days for your money back if you're not satisfied!), I placed an order for the Unblemish regimen. I may not be able to place an order and lose those ten pounds, but my skin? That I could do something about! 

I was immediately impressed with two things: the quality of the products (they were the #1 selling brand in Nordstrom before pulling from shelves to move to direct sales), and the speed at which I received my order. They warehouse in Dallas, and so overnight, my products got to me! Awesome! When I make my mind up to do something, I want to get down and dirty and do it, so that was really motivating for me to get my products and start using them ASAP!

I wasn't sure what to expect, since so many things had failed me. I had tried to Neutrogena products I'd been using since girlhood, some cleanser samples my dermatologist had given me when she basically said she couldn't do anything for me until I finished nursing, creams, you name it. I had also run the gamut of foul-smelling, drying, gooey-feeling products, so imagine my surprise when my products arrived all nicely packaged and nicely smelling. I didn't want to gag while washing my face! 

Within days, I noticed an almost immediate difference in my skin - from the way it felt, to the breakouts I had been experiencing. Even my husband, who doesn't notice anything short of me chopping off all of my hair, noticed and complimented me on my skin. Within ten days, I was able to leave my house make-up free for the first time in AGES! Literally, I couldn't remember the last time that was the case! It was extremely liberating, and I must say, it felt good. So good, in fact, I decided to join the company, knowing that I wanted to make other people feel as empowered and self-confident as I did! 

If you have any skin issues - from breakouts, like me, to rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, melanoma (the pregnancy mask) and then some, please consider sending me an email or visiting my site! For the month of September, I am offering to pay the enrollment fee for ANY NEW PREFERRED CUSTOMER! That gives you 10% off and free shipping - for life! I would love to walk you through some of the products and regimens to see if I could help you to get the same amazing results I have! Even if you don't have skin issues, Rodan + Fields products are for every skin type and address signs of premature aging. The doctors are the same team that came up with Proactiv and changed the face of teenage acne treatments forever, and they're now doing the same for aging skin - and let's face it: we're all aging, all the time! Why not be proactive in keeping your skin firm, toned and even, and find you way to the best skin of your life!

NOW is the absolute best time to explore their products, too, as their new, one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking product will be hitting the market for customers who are signed up prior to October 26 in late October - months ahead of the launch to the general public! This game-changing product is individual, one-time-use patches with brand new technology to melt into the fine line and act as a filler,  creating results similar to Botox - WITHOUT the needles and expense. NOW is the time! 

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