Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jack Goes to Nursery School!

Jackson starts in the nursery at Ava's school this morning, and I have some serious mixed feelings about it. On one hand, he's so little. I feel really conflicted about him being away from me basically EVER. However, after dragging him to my Gyno, the eye doctor, my Lasik consult, the dentist - you name it - I feel that it could be beneficial if I had a few hours to myself every week to do things like that, as well as to work on my business. But...he's just so little :( I keep telling myself I can still change my mind, even after he goes today, but maybe it'll be good for him and for me? We'll see after today, I suppose. In the meantime, stay tuned for cutie pie pictures of Jack on his first day of nursery "school"!

Now excuse me while I go cry into my coffee...

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