Friday, September 26, 2014

Jack: 11 Months Old!

This has been a big month around our house! Jack has started taking steps - his very first one September 11 - and as of his 11 month birthday, takes six or seven at a time by himself, and is getting much more confident! Once he started walking around behind the alligator toy, he went from nervous to excited about taking steps!

At 11 months, Jack:

-weighs 19lbs, 3oz.
-is   " long
-has 8 teeth, and likes to use them!
-takes 6-7 steps in a row, particularly to Ava and myself.
-is the sweetest, huggiest, snuggliest baby boy! He just gives hugs all over the place! 
-loves reading books, and we've been going to story time at the North Village library for the past month. He particularly enjoys "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", and puts his hands up in the air during.
-is a little troublemaker. He likes to do something he's not supposed to - i.e. unroll the toilet paper or knock drinks off the coffee table - and then look at me during and smile and shake his head no. STINKER.
-is an eating machine. Seriously, I don't know how we'll ever be able to keep this kid fed as a teenager. He could seriously eat all. day. long. 
-eats just about anything you give him. Beans, fruits, vegetables, crackers, puffs, noodles, chicken nuggets, eggs - you name it. He also really digs rocks, soil, paper wrappers off the ground - this kid puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.
-says "mama", "dada", "gee gee", "buh!", "oof" for dog, "duh" for duck.
-loves playing with musical instruments and toys, and particularly enjoys music class at school.
-Speaking of school, he began nursery school at A's school last Thursday! While his first day was great, his second day (he just goes once a week) was a bit more rough - he cried a bit :( Poor little guy! We'll see how next week goes, but I'm sure he'll enjoy it! It's just hard to be apart sometimes :(

Happy 11 months, little man! I can't believe that you're rapidly approaching one year! Holy moly - how time flies! I'm enjoying this last bit of babyhood with you!

Until next month,


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