Friday, August 28, 2009


Since a lot of my blogging friends are due right around the same time as myself, I'm wondering this: What are you all planning to do about Christmas?

Are you going to go all out with decorations and gifts for little one and each other? Our baby is due afterwards, so barring any surprises, I'm not even considering the issue of 'Baby's First Christmas'. That's an entirely separate problem! I'm just wondering how much thought you're putting into Christmas this year with a newborn due right around the holiday. We're scheduled (tentatively!!) to be induced on 12/28, so Christmas is barely a speck on my radar. I'm thinking I'll put up a tree and decorate (again, barring a massive increase in my size and ability to function), but I'm not planning on doing any Christmas shopping or gift-exchanging with anyone other than my SO (sort of a last pre-baby focus on 'us' gift). I'd much rather have that extra cash for my massive end-of-year hospital bill (Merry Christmas to us!), and any needs we didn't foresee (maybe my breasts will actually grow and I'll need to finally buy new bras?! Please. God.) that selfish?

Note: I definitely am not expecting anyone to be buying us Christmas gifts - we're already getting the best gift of all!


  1. My first Christmas when I was pregnant with Marianne I got TONS upon TONS of baby items. True, you will likely have a lot of things for the baby by you might drop hints about comfortable items for you. After the baby is born, everything's about them...but mommy deserves some attention too! I'd go for a soft robe, slippers, chocolate, coffee stuff if you love coffee (you'll have to watch the caffiene if you're WILL keep kid up!), and other comfort items.

    What I discovered when Marianne was born was a distinct lack of sleep, pain from the incision, and generally feeling off. I spent a lot of my "me" time in the shower or bath. When I got over the worst of the PPD, I was able to enjoy Marianne...I stil do, every day.

  2. I think we will definitely keep Christmas simple this year. I tend to do handmade gifts anyway, but I'm not going to go crazy with the decorating and I'm not going to make the baby the focus, either . . . unless she arrives early!

    We won't be traveling to see family this year, so I'm looking forward to a quiet Christmas at home with my husband and local family.

    Oh, and I usually sell my artwork at a lot of Christmas craft fairs. Definitely not this year!

  3. I'm due in early December, so we will be doing all the baby's first Christmas stuff. But, I'm letting all of my other friends and family know that we don't want to exchange presents this year. Time and money wise, just too much!


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