Friday, August 28, 2009


While Ava remains my number one choice for the baby's name, lately I've really become enamored with Vivienne. I hate the 'an' spelling (Vivian), but love the name. I'd ask for thoughts, but honestly, that opens up a door I'm not particularly interested in opening to very many people, so the only one whose thoughts I care about are D's!

For a middle name, I'm still loving Elizabeth, but also like Grace, since Vivienne Elizabeth might be a mouthful! Hopefully we'll be making some sort of decision soon!


  1. Before we decided on Marianne's name, the name I had in mind was Julia Grace. I've always liked Grace for a middle name...but Marianne seems to suit her. Everyone's asked me about a nickname, but I can't think of any nicknames for Marianne that don't sound sort of hokey...

    Right now, her unofficial nickname is "little bit" cause she's a little bit of Mommy, a little bit of Daddy...and all Marianne!

  2. Also...and take this for what you guys might want to just make a list of which names you like best...and then when she arrives, pick one. It may be when she comes out her personality is what decides the name. :) Marianne definately suited our little lady...she came out and the feeling I got was, "She's definately a little lady...when she's not being a drill seargent in terms of getting what she wants!"

  3. I really like the name Vivienne Grace :) It soùnds so sophisticated and is very pretty


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