Thursday, August 20, 2009

How about Beyonce?

Just kidding. But seriously, what the hell are we going to name this kid? I know, I know, there's a name poll in the corner, but to be completely honest, none of those were names on my original list. You know, the list you make as a little girl dreaming to be a mommy, and imagine your child with one of those names in all your daydreams? Yeah, that list.

I can let some of them go. I love Reagan, but a.) am NOT even remotely republican and would hate to be mistaken for a right-wing fanatic, and b.) would HATE it if anyone decided to shorten such a cute name to something horrifying like...Rae. Boo. So I can let that one go.

Then, there's Kennedy. Loved it, was sold on it for several years, and then my aunt had a baby and stole it. It's ok, though. I'm over it :) D doesn't like it anyhow, or anything else remotely modern and updated, as opposed to the generic, old-fashioned, traditional names from our childhood and many other generations' childhoods. Whatever.

I loved Natalia, and still do, but I hate Nat/Natty. Way to trash out a beautiful, sophisticated name. I guess this one isn't completely off the list. I'd be 100% fine saying, "Look, don't call her Nat/Natty!" to any of my family/friends, but what if (God forbid) she grows up and asks to be called that. Bleh.

My absolute favorite name that I've wanted since finding out the big news, however, is Ava. I LOVE it. It's beautiful, elegant, classic and feminine, without being overdone or old-fashioned. I hear it sometimes in elementary schools, but not so often that I want to blow my brains out (like Ella or Bella or anything ending in -ella). I LOVE it. D, however, hates it. Despite it even being a family name for him. I had decided to respect his wishes, and not push it, but I'm changing my mind. That is THE only name I think of this baby having, and the only one that fits the, "when you know, you know" description of how many people 'knew' their baby's name when they heard it. To me, this baby is Ava Elizabeth. Now how to get D to agree?


  1. Ava is a great name- but you might want to rethink it. It is definitely becoming the new "ella" in schools. I know personally about 10 people who have named or are going to name their child Ava. Five years from now- I predict it will be everywhere. But if you love it then it shoudn't matter!

  2. That one I love enough that it doesn't matter to me :)

  3. Maybe you just have to wait till she comes out, and he can literally see for himself that she's an "Ava" - that's how my youngest got her name! Daddy wasn't going for any name I liked, but when we held her in our arms, we looked at each and we both just knew it - she was an "Isabel"!


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