Thursday, August 13, 2009

Starting to love UPS!

I am SO incredibly blessed. First off, D's coworkers rock my world with all the Texas garb. Here's the newest addition:You know I've already started reading her that book, so she can recognize terms like Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium, Bevo & Hook 'Em. I think we have a future Longhorn on our hands :)

Then, on top of that, one of my girlfriends, a wonderful family I babysit for, and my lovely aunt have sent me all of this:While I desperately need a dresser, there isn't much else I am needing in order to fill it! What's great is that it's all in varying sizes, so she won't be the most stylish baby on the block for the first three months of her life and then...naked. She'll have clothes for quite some time. Thank you to everyone! You all rock.

Too bad my own wardrobe sucks these days. I'm in a very strange adjustment period, where the last of my non-maternity clothes may be pushing it these days. I probably have two weeks, max, before I'm fully into maternity clothes. Until then, though, I'm making do. Maternity clothes are just SO terrible.

In other news, I've been swimming three times this public. IN A BIKINI. Go me. Rocking the baby bump, since the alternative is a maternity swimsuit, and that just ain't me. Hoping to rock the bump for a while...this is Austin, after all. I'm seldom anywhere where you can't find another pregnant woman bearing her beautiful belly as well ;)

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