Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Bedding Post (I hope!)!!

I now present to you Baby B's bedding!!! It was bought on a whim and a sale :) Hopefully D will like it, or it's back to Babies R Us, and back to the drawing board!

I like this SO much better without the green sheet, and with the cream and pink one instead! Also, this in NO WAY means we're going with a ladybug theme. The only ladybugs you'll find in her room are the ones you see here already. And certainly nothing with red and/or black :) Now I just need the changing table cover and the valances for the two windows, and we've got a complete set WELL under budget :) It'll probably be painted mint green, keep in mind, with pink letters when she actually has a name. Thoughts?


  1. I think this is cute! I would stick with that one! Of course, with my kids, it never mattered much because they refused to sleep in their cribs anyway, lol!

  2. I saw your blog address on a Baby Center post and came over to see what bedding you picked. This set is great! I love the ultrasound photo frame too -- did you get that at BRU too? Love it! I'm expecting a little boy on Dec 19th. My blog is: if you want to follow along!

  3. Congrats Emily! I'll definitely add yours to my blogroll!

    That frame did come from Babies R Us - pre-gender determining ultrasound. I love it. I also love the one that they have online that says something along the lines of "I've been waiting for you...all of my life" and has an actual sonogram shaped picture slot. You can find them at in the accessories. So cute!


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