Monday, August 24, 2009

Paint Ideas?

One of the many productive things to come of the past week, besides nearly completing her nursery furniture, was going to look at paint samples. I have a pretty good eye, so luckily I brought home matching samples on the first go without any of her bedding on me...go me! Anyhow, despite the fact that this is starting to feel like I AM in fact hosting a reality show where I let others decide everything for me*, let me know what your opinion is:

Here are three options:
I really am a HUGE fan of matching, so I figured the only two colors I could pull off with her bedding are pink, or brown. And since brown is so un-babylike in a bad way, I thought it we were going to go brown, it'd have to be a mocha/cappuccino color (Man, I miss my morning Starbucks!). So let me know where you stand here. The hamper, valances, wall art and other finishing touches will all be brown, which is why I'm leaning towards pink despite pink being the main color in her bedding. I don't want to do an overwhelming pink, though, so the second one down in the second picture is my first choice at the moment...but as we all know that could change at any second!

*Today at lunch, it took me longer to decide between the pork tenderloin spinach salad and the verde chicken enchiladas than it did for us to get our food, consume it, and pay the check. Poor S. Good thing she's too little to know that ordering doesn't have to be a forty-minute long process.

Note: Only since I've been pregnant have I been unable to make any decisions. I fully expect my brain to return to me the second she's in my arms :)


  1. I thought you said you didn't like pink!?

    Well, I like the idea of adding a touch of color. I like your first choice (the second one down in the second picture) because it is just that, a touch of color.

  2. Haha - I didn't want pink, but I loved this bedding so much, exceptions can be made I suppose :)


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