Saturday, September 11, 2010


I am in need of a break. Not from blogging per se, though I'll probably take the rest of the weekend off while I search for some much needed me time, but from the rigors of daily life with a teething infant and a 2010 full of absolutely zero down time. I mean, seriously, my version of "me time" is D taking Ava so I can just be with two kids. AT WORK. That's not "me time" folks.

Today was rough. Partially A is teething hardcore, and while some babies are easy teethers whose teeth just pop through without announcing themselves for weeks prior, A is not one of those babies. The other part of it is that she's fighting sleep in a major way lately, and whereas the effort to get her to nurse to sleep at nap/bed isn't too extreme, today I spent FOUR FREAKIN' HOURS between trying to get her to sleep at naps and at bed. I'm a nutjob right now.

Another part of it may be that in an attempt to ease the insomnia I've been going through lately, I've cut my dosage of my PPD meds in half. Could it be a coincidence that the week I've started that I've also started to lose my shit and feel overwhelmed and exhausted and just emotionally drained? Doubtful. Looks like I'll be trading hard to fall/stay asleep for sanity. It's a worthy trade, though.

Anyhow, I'll be back after the weekend. I just need some time off from life.


  1. Take what you need... we've all been there! I hope you find some time to relax!

  2. I understand!! I hope you're enjoying your weekend. And I hope Ava is back to herself soon. Jack is teething as well and, in fact, just popped out a top tooth last night. I'll be glad when it's over!

  3. Hope you can get some "me time" and relax. It's hard to find time, but even a few minutes sitting at Starbucks helps a lot! :)

    I'm soo right there with you about teething. Bryson is NOT an easy teether either. He wakes up many times in the middle of the night for Oragel. Hopefully they pop through quickly!!

  4. The hubz and I had a similar conversation an hour ago. Hang in there, mama.

    Take some much-deserved "me" trips out, even if you have to make up some bizarre story like a half-off sparkly penguins sale at the supermarket.

  5. Presley is finally getting her top teeth and man, oh man, is she a crank pot. I feel so sorry for her, but feel like I could go insane all at the same time.

    Hang in there, girl, and make sure you are getting enough "me time".

  6. I'm right there with ya! I feel drained all the time! I have six month old and he was sick all last week after his shots and 103 degree fever....that is probably why I am addicted to espresso, I couldn't get by without it!


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