Monday, September 27, 2010

New Hairdo?

Alright, ladies. Mama needs a change, and before I dissect my life on a larger scale, I'm hoping a new 'do may help me feel more...refreshed. Is this something a lot of new moms go through??? Anyways, lately A has been pulling our pieces of my hair, particularly those pesky little baby hairs around my face, and so I just feel...ick. Like I can't even rock a ponytail without baby hairs frizzing out and I'm just SO over it. So let's vote, shall we? I'll post pics of haircuts I like, and you tell me a.) if it's actually cute or if my breakdown is getting in the way of my judgment, and b.) if you think I can pull it off. Sounds fun, right? Also slightly scary and risky, but no pain, no gain or something like that :)

Here goes:

Yes, I'm aware the first two are the same, just different angles, but I really think I like the cut a lot. I like a lot of definition, particularly when my main complaint right now is that my hair is BORING.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?


  1. I am feeling the same way as you! I'm thinking of going for a long bob. I like all the pictures you posted, especially Jessica Simpson's!

  2. I personally like the Kristin Bell-do. Some people can pull off bangs, I wish I could!

    Oh, and I totally feel you on the baby hairs! They are bugging the crap out of me, and I feel like they aren't growing fast enough!

  3. I like the Reese Witherspoon bob! I cut my hair like that after I had Emma and it all started to fall out. I got tons of compliments. It's a little higher maintenance if you don't have straight hair, but super stylish. I can't wait to see what everyone decides on. You are so brave!

  4. I like the bob too although it'll be hard to do the quick ponytail routine if you need to. My second favorite pic is the 2nd picture (Jessica Simpson). Good luck!

  5. I love Jessica Simpson's hair...!!!! I wish I could pull off full-out bangs too.... but I think my face is too round??? I need to find a good salon and figure something out too... I need a change!!! And as far as baby hairs go... mine are driving me NUTS!

  6. I agree on the Jessica Simpson hair. Love it. Although Reese Witherspoons is very similar just looks fuller.

    I don't love Kristen Bell's. tHe bangs look too aggressive but that's just my taste.

    I've been wanting to get my hair cut since my daughter was born but I'm waiting until we have the money to go back to the stylist I love... In the meantime ponytail it is.

  7. I need you to post a picture of yourself up close, like the ones of the celebs. That way I can try and picture the cut on you! With that said, I like Reese Witherspoon's short cut. I'm wanting to go shorter too! Can't wait to see it!

  8. Cute Cuts! The Jessica simpson and the first Reese one are basically the same cut, just styled a little different...and maybe a little different textured hair. I am with Rene I Love the short Reese one! I love my hair short...but I havent done anything with it since I moved. Being a stylist I used to get it cut and colored every 4 to 6 weeks! I am SOOOO not used to not having someone I trust to hack it off after I grow it out. I trimmed it up...but Im ready for the Chop again. If I chop it off it will be much easier to maintain on my own. Like Rene an up close pic of yourself, preferably down and parted where you normally part it if you do, then I could give better advice on which one would work. :) Chopping hair always makes for a refreshed feeling! Hehee!


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