Friday, September 24, 2010

Whatcha Eatin?

No, really. What is everyone feeding their babies these days?

Ava must be hitting a growth spurt, because she is noming on everything she comes into contact with lately. Whereas she had been eating two cubes of food at breakfast and three at dinner for about a month, she's now eating two-three cubes in the morning, as well as cheerios and sometimes a few pieces of frozen waffle. Then, she has a makeshift lunch of things off of my plate, including whole wheat bread or tortilla, black beans whole, avocado slices, banana slices, pear pieces, peach pieces, cut, skinless apple and/or turkey/pork roast/chicken pieces. She LOVES food. Then, for dinner, she's been having her three cubes of food, and then stuff off our plates. What a little mooch!

To make it even worse, if you're eating something she can't have, she gives you the saddest little pouty face, as if to say, "Why won't you share with me??"

And the days of having absolutely anything to myself are officially over. Sigh.


  1. Jack loves to eat too! He eats a Yobaby yogurt in the morning or a couple cubes of fruit with cereal. For lunch it's 2-3 cubes of a puree and dinner has been finger foods. I ned more options! Oh, and Jack gets puffs or Baby Mum Mum for a snack. He wants to eat off my plate too. I really need to start making him different things, but a lot of recipes I have found involve cooking that I don't have the time for! I guess I better make the time though, because in a couple months he'll be eating bigger meals. Yikes!

  2. Holy moly, I'm behind. Anne eats strained fruits and veggies, puffs for snacks, and breastmilk. She hasn't seemed to want any more than that until today.


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