Friday, September 17, 2010

Calling All Breastfeeding Mamas!

Alright, ladies. I have a favor to ask.

Whether you're able to just spread the word via twitter, your blog, word of mouth - whatever - or if you're willing and able to make even a small donation, there is a baby in Minnesota who needs our help.

Baby M was born just mere weeks ago to a mommy and daddy who love him and wanted him very much. His parents tried for years and years to get pregnant, and sadly, Baby M’s mama had many miscarriages and lost a baby in the middle of her pregnancy last year, too. Finally, at the end of August, she gave birth to a perfect, healthy little boy just a couple weeks ago. And then she passed away in her sleep just seven days later from a rare, unexplained rupture in her heart. You can find the full story here.

This mother had wanted to breastfeed her son, to provide the very best start for him in life, and his father wants desperately to carry our her wishes. Seeing as how milk banks are quite costly, here's where I ask for your help: I am assisting MckMama and a friend of the family by donating some of my excess milk, as you'll remember in a post a while back that my attempt to donate to our local milk bank had been unsuccessful due to the fact that I take Zoloft for my PPD. I am still waiting to hear back on whether or not I'll be able to donate now, but if so, I am hoping to send at least 100 ozs of breastmilk to Minnesota, as there are women who are willing to help with shipping costs.

Mamas, if you're able, know anyone who is able, are willing to spread the word, etc., please help this little one who has lost his mama, and his grieving father. Thank you, all!!!

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  1. How sad. I hate reading these kinds of stories. Just breaks my heart. I really wish I had milk I could send. Perhaps when I am done breastfeeding Jack I could continue pumping and donate it. I will look into that!


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