Thursday, September 2, 2010


No, that's not the technical term.

I am an adult. I am a mom: a strong, resourceful, confident women. And yet, I am afraid of the dentist.

While it's reported that something like 50% of people experience some amount of anxiety regarding dental care, I'm really afraid. I'm talking tears, people. I've been known to break into a full on sweat, shaking profusely in the waiting room. And while I have a flair for the dramatic (you're not surprised, are you?), I'm unfortunately not exaggerating even slightly. My last dentist - since I switch constantly, put off by their lack of sensitivity - recommended valium and gas. For a cleaning.

A cleaning which I may or may not now be overdue for. Hence, the search for a.) a new, SUPER SYMPATHETIC dentist in Austin or the nearby area (will travel for sympathetic care!), and b.) any suggestions on how to get so insanely smashed on medically indicated drugs that I won't even know I'm *at* the dentist. Or other relaxation techniques. Either way.



  1. So, I can't really help you in the slightest, but just know there are amazing dentists out there. I have been going to the same dentists since I've had teeth and absolutely love going every six months. That being said, move to Seattle and I can refer you. :)

    Hope your dentist search finds you an amazing dentist!

    I also want to add, that my husband has a terrible gag reflux and also is a tad nervous about going to the dentist, and he recommends the gas. I say, try it! (I, on the other hand, hate the feeling of nitrous oxide.)

  2. Oh hun, I am the SAME way! I've given birth twice, yet...I HATE going to the dentist! I have severe anxieties when I go...that's why I didn't go for over 10 years! Well, about 4 1/2 years ago I decided it was time...I thought I'd be hit with a $15,000 bill of work needing to be done, but it ended up being more like $5,000. I needed 9 fillings, 2 crowns and a deep-cleaning-debridement....ackk! I had 1 tooth pulled to avoid a root canal (yes, I went under). My dentist gave me a small-dosage of Valium to keep me in the chair for all of those visits (3 months worth). That did help...that and my walkman with my favorite tunes. THEN, once all that work was done, I went in one day for a regular 6-month cleaning...the hygienist got a little rough with the floss, and broke one of my "white" fillings!! THAT freaked me out! I had to schedule for that to be refilled (no charge). But I was SO UPSET that I'd have to do it again. THEN when I went to have that filling fixed, the dentist did his magic with the white stuff and left the room...his assistant messed it up, and it had to be REDONE again!! That poor tooth. It still bothers me to this day. I have to go for a cleaning in 2 weeks, and I'm petrified! I don't have Valium for cleanings. But my "new" dentist NOW wants to REDO 2 of those fillings! It never ends! He's been wanting to redo them now for 2 years, and I keep putting it off. I hope you find your sympathetic dentist!

  3. I am terrified of dentists. I warn every dentist I go to that if I am short with them, it's not because I hate them personally. I spent many years with orthodontics that caused me pain, and years later I still suffer the effects of headgear to correct an overbite at the expense of the proper alignment of my jaws.

    I shake uncontrollably when I go to the dentist. It doesn't matter if it's for a cleaning or anything, I shake in terror at the sound of the drill.

    So...I am very glad that Dr. Janda in Sterling is the world's coolest dentist ever. The man is a saint among dentists. I hope I find a good dentist like him back in Denver.


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