Friday, July 10, 2009

First Baby Presents!!

First off, STUPID. INSOMNIA.!!!!!!!!!!

Second, yesterday I got my first two baby (and mommy!) presents in the mail. What a fantastic surprise!!!!!!!!!!!
Baby officially has it's first outfit, a cute little yellow number that says, "I love mommy" Heck, yeah. Also, a little whale bath scrubbie...very cute! I cannot wait to know the sex so not only can I paint the room, but I can also do the bathroom up all cute! 18 days to go! Thank you, Granny Wendy!!!!!!!!!

I also got a package from my kickass friend T, who had a baby last year around the same time I'll have this little one, and has been ENDLESSLY helpful in the advice/sympathy department. She sent me some kick ass mommy books (loving them ALREADY!!), baby's first book - Five Little Monkeys - and a little blue blanket/lovey animal. SO cute. I've been feeling a bit...nervous and overwhelmed...lately, and these two packages totally squelched that and reminded me how much I have to look forward to! THANK YOU!!!!!!! (Baby says thank you also...I know by my increased appetite that woke me up in the middle of the night for some cocoa krispies :) )

AHHH! My baby has things!!!!! How adorable :)

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