Friday, July 24, 2009

Puberty or Pregnancy?!?

Is there that much of a difference between the two?! Well, except of course that one ultimately ends in a child, while the other drags on and on and on and ends in, well, nothing but a nice set of knockers if you're lucky (which I was not)?! I guess you can actually count that one in the similarity box, since pregnancy is doing wonders for my little girls that puberty never did.

I ask because recently my skin has decided to start a complete and utter revolt against it's normal, peaceful, clear state. Oh, how I miss you, clear skin. I now more closely resemble a teenage boy, which is ironic, considering the rest of me has never been more feminine. There is nothing masculine about growing a human being from scratch, is there?! IS THERE? That's another patience has dropped through the floor, and it was already a bit lacking to begin with. God forbid you ask me to repeat myself, or don't answer me right away when I'm asking you a question. In that way, I definitely identify with a hormonal, pre-menstrual teenager girl.

Other than that, I would like to report I'm feeling well, but between the accident last week, the resulting stress of car shopping this week and the distress my stomach has been feeling the past few days, I'm not. I'm feeling bitchy and bloated and like everything I eat has been laced with Dulcolax. I forgot to mention the wretched case of insomnia I've acquired as well, waking up at 4AM like clockwork each night and staying wide awake until nearly 5 or 5:30...awesome. Does wonders for the mood I'm in lately, let me tell you.

I must say, however: I'm still in surprisingly high spirits considering the events of the past week...maybe it's Henry? Buying a new car? Two thumbs down. Having a new car? Fantastic!

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