Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Routan Baby!

I thought this was pretty hilarious. According to the VW Routan Babymaker, this is what our child is going to look like:

My only issue, though, is that THIS BABY LOOKS LIKE A BOY. Crap. And I'm pretty certain our little homey's hair is going to be slightly darker, and maybe a wee bit curly (gasp!). I'm feeling the eyelashes though. Clearly I was wearing a fantastic mascara in the picture of me I uploaded for this.

Click here to make your own Routan baby!

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  1. You will be surprised...I did one of those, and it showed Marianne with red hair!

    She wound up with a mix of physical features from both of us...Joe's eyes with a slight Asian tilt, my dark hair and dark eyes, both of our long eyelashes once they grew out, Joe's pale complexion and eyebrows (thank God, mine are bushy!) she has my lips and nose and as for personality, we're not sure.

    She seems to be an awfully calm baby...she's only upset for a good reason, thus far...she doesn't seem to be inclined to cry for the sake of crying. The doctors commented she is physically very strong...and amazingly good-natured. I have to agree on the good-natured, as far as not throwing a gigantic fit in situations I would have thrown a fit, if I were her, LOL.

    It really is a guessing game right up until you meet first glimpse of her was blurred and I didn't get any sense of how she looked because I didn't have my glasses...but Joe's exact comment right after she was born was, "We have a beautiful little Korean girl."

    I think we will be investing in shotgun stock VERY VERY EARLY. Like, by the time she's 1. :P


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