Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's official!

...some of my clothes aren't fitting too well these days. Currently, I'm rocking the hair tie around the button and through the buttonhole look to give my pants/capris a bit of extra use. I am CLEARLY not ready for maternity clothes (am I?!), and this way I don't have to buy regular clothes in larger sizes in the meantime. Bad for my budget AND my self-esteem!

I think a trip to Motherhood Maternity may be in my future, though. I was just hoping to put a trip there off until ~5-6 months when I'm clearly pregnant and when I have an idea of what size I'll need to get me through my pregnancy...right now I feel like anything I buy will be too small in...minutes? Basically.

Last night was the first night I nearly cried about my size, thinking I would never be thin again. I know this is a sentiment ALL pregnant women feel, but for only having gained ~2lbs, I sure am huge! Even my legs feel huge...where is all this coming from if I haven't put on much weight, though? Ugh.

I know it's for a good cause, and I can totally handle that. I just wish I weren't in this does-she-have-a-beer-belly-or-could-she-be-pregnant'll be cuter and easier to handle when people are certain which it is!

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