Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, despite my extreme desire to not be 'that woman' that calls her doctor's office EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK., I gave in and called earlier after the dry cleaner that questioned me about my pregnancy last week (inappropriate) asked me if I had lost the baby (very inappropriate!). I knew I was looking smaller despite not having had any fluctuation in my weight, but I basically went from looking five months pregnant to looking like my normal self and wearing my regular clothes. Hmmm..

Anyhow, I called the doctor, and they said that it's totally normal to have those extreme changes in appearance. While it can be disconcerting, it could be due to a number of factors: bloating, water weight, baby's position, etc., which is basically what my mother said also, so I feel much better. My 16-week appointment has been moved up to Thursday at 8:45 though just to check in on the little one and for my own peace of mind.

Oh, how I love Dr. R :)

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