Thursday, July 9, 2009

Starting to Feel Better!


The time has come where I can ditch (usually) my afternoon naps and still make it to 10 & 11PM - though I still love a good, long weekend nap when I can sneak one! I notice that the days that I've done yoga I am flat exhausted by 9PM, but can usually stay awake for a bit just the same. My only complaint with yoga is that I am SO excruciatingly sore from coming back hard after an eight-month hiatus. Not only that, but I am an uber competitive person, despite the fact that yoga isn't meant to be a competitive sport, and like to pick out the best person in the class and then compete with them. I guess I should start counting my pregnancy as a slight disadvantage, especially since it's quite disheartening to me that the best person in the class is no longer me :(

My work schedule has dropped off to mainly half days this week, with Fridays being regular days, and that is making all the difference in the world! I would definitely not have the time or energy to do yoga, or pick up some babysitting for extra $$, if it weren't for this schedule change!

I am also finally getting my hair cut and my highlights touched up after (*gasp*) FOUR MONTHS without a touch up. Holy crapballs! I'm hoping that if I can't stop my belly from protruding, I can at least divert attention up and away to my gorgeous, full locks? As it stands right now, people prefer to look at my belly, and I'm almost with them on that one!!

Here's hoping all the hormones don't make my highlights whack out! Although I'm guessing having orange or red or some other funky color highlights would also work wonders on diverting attention from my belly?!

19 days until we find out the sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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