Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More News...

So, in my extreme excitement and also exhaustion, I only thought to post that it's a girl. Here are some other highlights from yesterday's appointment:

~SHE passed her major fetal anatomy inspection with flying colors, with all major organ systems looking great. She has two healthy kidneys, a healthy bladder (hopefully with a larger capacity than her mother's!), her brain is developing healthily, and all limbs and bone structures, including her face, are looking great. Go little lady!

~Mention of her heart was noticeably absent in the last statement because, frankly, with all the worry about what me having Fifth Disease early in pregnancy could do to the baby's blood supply, I thought this news deserved it's own little blurb: Her heart looks great, without any fluid build up, and we are now in the clear with regards to me having had Fifth Disease!!!!!!!!! No more specialist visits, no more chance of her needing a blood transfusion. Thank you, God.

~While everything I read and am sent weekly on her development says that she should be weighing in at 5-6 oz, homegirl weighs half a pound already, which both terrifies me and makes me VERY happy. Terrifies me because eventually she has to evacuate, and makes me happy because I've been worried about her growth due to my low weight gain/lack of belly/stomach virus, and apparently she's growing JUST. FINE. This is also good news because the bigger she is, the more likely Dr. R will induce for sure, which is ideal for budgetary reasons :)

ALL GOOD THINGS! What a fantastic appointment!

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