Friday, April 16, 2010

Exciting New Arrivals!

We've had some new arrivals to the household lately, and I just can't help but share them with you all:

First up, Ava's new convertible car seat. We won't be using it for a while still, but I love it. It'll get her through until she's ready for a booster!

Next, our new jogging stroller!

Last, and definitely least (haha), Ava's first swimsuit!

We were really fortunate in that the swimsuit was the only thing that we've actually purchased. The others were things the D's passed on to us, saving us hundreds of dollars! THANK YOU!!!!!!

On a related note, we got another exciting arrival this week - a present from Rene & Baby Jack and we LOVE it!!! Check it out:

BABY LEGS!!! Ava was so excited to put them on, she didn't even bother to match them to her outfit - haha! Matching pictures to come. Thank you!!! Have little Jack check the mail next week :)

More updates to come, seeing as how Ava learned a cool new thing this week, but no time to tell you about it now because we are leaving for D's parents in an hour, and I have a billion things left to do and no hands to do them with.

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  1. We're so glad Ava likes her gift!

    It's great you're able to get so many wonderful hand-me-downs from a trusted family. We got a swing and a jumperoo from a coworker's brother. I saw the same jumperoo in the store and it costs $85!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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