Friday, April 2, 2010

You've Got Mail.

This is a pretty cool project a friend forwarded me:

Why Not Send Me Some Real Mail?

When is the last time you sat and wrote a letter or mailed a postcard? Have you ever stuck a stamp on some random thing and dropped it in a mailbox?

Many of you have already begun sending things to me and they have been amazing.

If you have not, I encourage you to embrace the time-honored tradition of handwritten, mailed correspondence and mail something to a little project I call:
You've Got Mail.

Send whatever you wish through the mail. This mailed menagerie can consist of illustrated cards, letters or just stick some stamps to some random object you like or find ironic.

It is really simple to participate.

Just sit down, spend a few minutes writing a card or note, and drop it in a mailbox.

The more artful examples of mail received will be shown in an exhibition at the end of the year.

Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming:

Your Pal Carl
P.O. Box 10401
Austin, Texas 78766

I would be honored to hear from you.

Always thinking,

Your Pal Carl

Here's our letter:

Dear Carl,

My name is Ava. I'm just three-months-old - too little to write a letter or draw a picture on my own - so my momm is transcribing for me so that I can have a neat keepsake and also help the post office - I'm a very civic-minded baby, you see.

Are you enjoying this lovely weather we've been having? I sure am! I love sunshine and warm breezes. I also love pacifiers, my lovie, my mommy & daddy, and boobies. I'm sure you can relate, at least to that last one.

I hope you have a lovely Easter. I'm not sure what Easter is, but my mom sure seems excited about it. I swear, if she puts those bunny ears on me and then blinds me with her camera's flash one more time, I'm going on a sleep strike (That's how I get my point across, you see!).

Happy Easter!

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  1. Your letter is adorable!! At first, I thought you were asking us to send you some mail which I was totally going to do!! My mind was working, thinking about what it would be, and then I realized it was someone else's project. Oh well! If you want some mail, let me know! :)


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