Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Alive!

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I am happy (and surprised) to announce that I am reemerging alive on the other side of the worst case of mastitis the world has ever seen (No, the doctor didn't confirm that. It's just a suspicion of mine...).

Friday was definitely the worst. It came on quick, with me jamming The Strokes en route to work Friday at 7AM, and practically incapacitated by 11:30AM. I left work at that point, calling D to meet me at home and take over baby-duty, and headed to my pharmacy to pick up my prescription. I figured that once I got my antibiotics, I'd be in the fast lane to recovery, which in many ways turned out to be true. It was just actually getting the antibiotics that proved difficult.

As I've mentioned before, my doctor's office closes at noon on Friday. Naturally, while pregnant, all my crises (including my car accident) took place on Friday. Around 11AM. Why it should surprise me, then, that this would happen late Friday morning, I don't know. Anyway, I called the doctor around 10AM, and his nurse assured me that she'd call in the prescription right away so that it would be ready for pickup when I arrived at HEB. Well, as it turns out, she FORGOT. Yep. The office closed up, the nurses went home, and my prescription remained...nonexistent. Seeing as how I was feeling sicker by the moment, and my fever was over 103 at this point, I had a complete meltdown in the pharmacy drive-thru and then drove home to suffer in my pajamas. Being almost completely incapable of functioning between the fever, chills, and body aches (not to mention my incredibly sore and swollen right breast), I handed the task of reaching the on-call doctor and picking up my prescription to D. Thankfully, he delivered around 3PM, just as my fever was rounding up on 104. I immediately took the first of over 50 pills I get to take in the next two weeks (four a day!), something for pain, and passed out for several hours.

That was definitely the worst of it, since those little blue pills kicked in quickly, but whoa Nelly! Friday was a terrible day. I guess I should also mention that due to the pain coursing through my body, we canceled our trip to D's parents. I just couldn't sit in the car for over three hours each way and spend a weekend trying to participate and being in someone else's home/bed/area. I like to be in my own space generally, but WAY moreso when I'm sick.

I'm still not feeling 100% - maybe 70%? - but I'm definitely on the mend. The antibiotics are messing with my stomach a bit, but hey, I'll take that over how I felt Friday anyday!

A was off a bit the past two days, but I'm thinking it was because the dynamic in our household had shifted. Mom was actually getting some decent rest and taking (gasp!) naps, while dad had taken over the majority of baby duty. It was a welcome break, though I missed hanging out with my baby all day! Considering I just finished making a pork roast, yellow rice and black beans, along with cleaning up the house and finishing up laundry, I'd say we're making the shift back to our household norm - haha.

Alright - I have a deadline to meet for this whole new writing gig, and don't want to have to put off my first piece. That wouldn't look very good now, would it?

BTW - I have a few posts in mind this week that will be asking for some input from those who've been there or even the thoughts of those who haven't yet but have opinions! Please leave a comment with any advice you may have!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you were able to get some rest and survive this thing. It sounds awful!

  2. Yogurt! GO get you some with live cultures in it. That should help you calm you tummy. feel better soon! Mastitis is a nightmare. =(

    Toni @ Hemp & high Heels

  3. That sounds AWFUL! I'm so glad you're feeling better!


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