Monday, April 5, 2010

Grouchapotamus, Meet Your New Best Friend.

Last week was rough. I had to work longer hours, which threw Ava entirely off schedule and made for a lonnnnnng few days. She doesn't nap well at work now that she's not a fan of sleeping in her car seat, and so I really count on a long morning nap to get us through. Long story short - she wasn't getting much of a morning or afternoon nap, and it was making her Princess Crankypants!

To remedy this (*fingers crossed!!!!*), we picked up a second bouncer this weekend in order to have one to take to work. I tried the swing last week, to no avail:

Have you ever seen a baby that had the ticked off look down quite so well?!

She also wasn't feeling the whole wake up early thing:

Again with the grouchy face!

The new bouncer, though, seems to have solved our problem*:


Other cute recent pics:

Guess who's learned how to keep their own paci in?! Praise Jesus!

My little Longhorn, learning to grasp with her hands :)

Remember back in August when I won a onesie? Here it is...

Pictures of Ava's new toybox to follow :)

*And by solved, I mean she's no longer giving the sourpuss and she's sleeping at least somewhat :)

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  1. Those looks on her face are priceless!!! I do love her elephant outfit though. I hope the bouncer keeps working!


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