Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Going To Grandma & Grandpa's.

It's that time again where I hope and pray someone is out there reading this and can offer me some suggestions/advice/reassurance on this issue...

First up - our first trip out of town this weekend. So far we've lucked out, and had grandparents come visit US. Baller. Now, however, it's time to repay the favor, so we'll be heading down to Houston (well, Houston-ish. Houston is really just a sneaky label for about a trillion suburbs) for the weekend to celebrate Ava's Uncle Matt's 18th birthday, as well as her grandma's upcoming birthday and a belated Easter. In case that's not enough to fit into two days away, we also are going to be visiting D's best friend from high school's new baby, Weston, who arrived four weeks early on March 12th. Welcome to the world, little buddy (and Ava's betrothed, according to D). We'll see. I'm secretly holding out for Kingston Stefani-Rossdale, but more on that another day.

Anyhow, seeing as this is our first trip away from home, and Ava's second time EVER leaving the city limits, I'm relying on all of you lovelies to tell me what on Earth I'm going to need to pack. I have a list started, but I will inevitably get halfway there and remember about thirty things I've overlooked. Here's what we have so far:

Pack N Play
Breast Pump
5-6 Outfits(thanks to a tendency towards explosive diapers!)
3-4 Sleepers (ditto)
Ellie (her little stuffed elephant in all her pictures)
Kitty Bear (KB henceforth..)
Polka Dot Blankie for Tummy Time
Bottle (just in case)
Travel Bouncer
The Kitchen Sink?!??
First Aid Kit (nail clippers, medicines, nasal aspirator, etc.) - great suggestion, Rene!
Bath Supplies - travel size if you have them :)
Burp Clothes

This list looks entirely too short - suggest away!


  1. Your list looks great so far - I know you think its short, but when you get all of the baby stuff in the car (never mind your own) it will seem like a lot!
    I always make my list by starting at the beginning of the day and thinking of all the things we use throughout.
    Extra washcloths and burp rags are always a must! You'll be fine and what you forget you can always buy :)

  2. I'd add burp cloths/bibs if you use them. Ditto on medicine and pacifiers. Do you think you'll be spending any time outside? Then definitely need hats. And maybe a nursing cover? Bath items if you think she might need a bath while you're gone. I keep a set of Johnson and Johnson travel items in my diaper bag just in case! Oh, and what about a first aid kit? You might need to clip a sharp nail or clean out her nose! I would also bring an extra blanket.

    Will she sleep in the pack n' play? And don't forget drinks and snacks for yourself!! And I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but in case mommy brain has kicked in, remember to have her pediatrician's contact info with you.

    I don't think you'll need all of this stuff. I just like to be prepared and always overpack. With a baby (especially your first!), it's better to have too much. I hope it goes well! Be on the lookout for some mail next week. :)

  3. Your list looks pretty complete. Here's a few items to consider:

    1. A stroller - this is debatable but I will tell you that every single solitary time I've gone to Denver and thought I didn't need it, I wound up needing it.

    2. A sling or baby-bjorn.

    3. Plastic bags. The zip lock gallon ones work best, but old grocery bags will do also. Bring at least three.

    4. At least two bottles. That way if anything happens to the first one, you're covered.


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