Thursday, May 20, 2010

Buttons & Other Changes!

Helllllllllo! I'm sure you've noticed a few changes. I like to change things up from time to time, so rather than the stupid decisions I used to make after a few drinks, now I tweek my baby blog. Is that considered evolving???

If you scroll down right past my followers (whom I love and adore - thank you all!!!), you'll notice something new and, quite frankly, awesome! I have Toni over at Hemp & High Heels to thank for making me a button of my very own! Suh-weeeeeeeeet! I LOVE it!

For those of you who also use blogger as your blog interface, can you please tell me if there is a better way to display my button than creating a picture box/gadget on the side? Is there another way to input or is that how you formatted yours? I'm kind of an amateur with regards to these things sometimes!

Again, a HUGE thank you to Toni! Go visit her amazing blog ASAP - she has some absolutely fantastic suggestions on living sustainably and healthfully, as well as creating some pretty lovely projects around the house! If that's not enough, her positivity and kind spirit is contagious!


  1. I love your new blog look! The button is great too -- do you have HTML code so we can all put it on our blogs? You can see what I mean on my blog. Right under my button is a box that says "grab my button" that has HTML code in it. If you copy and paste that code into a Blogger HTML sidebar box then the button shows up. If you put that under your button, then we can all have it on our blogs!

    If you go to they have a tutorial article that tells you how to add the box containing the HTML code. That's how I did it!

    (ps - I have a hard time really enjoying myself when going out without Asher too. I can't wait for a break, but then when I get one I feel so uncomfortable being away from him!)

  2. Oh, and you can also write the code so that when we click on your button (on our blogs) it takes us to your blog. That's really helpful since your private blog doesn't update on my blogger list anymore!

  3. Glad you like it! It was my first time, and I really think it could be so much better if someone who knew what they were doing did it. LOL Your page looks fabulous, dahling!

    Toni @ Hemp & High Heels

  4. Love the new look! I've been thinking it's time for a change myself. How do you make a button?? I'd love to have one!!


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