Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's My Birthday!

It's here! My favorite day of the entire year is finally, FINALLY here! Eek - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday! I mean, I'm like a freakin' little kid about it. I just LOVE it! Anyone who had any concern about Ava not getting a proper birthday celebration because her birthday is between the Christmas and New Year holidays can erase that worry from their minds because, around these parts, birthdays are WAY awesome!

I would be lying if I wasn't holding out extreme a wee bit of hope that David was going to propose today. I've only been humming Single Ladies around the house all week...

...oh well, a girl can hope. Don't worry - if he does, you'll all know before the day is out. Don't hold your breath though.

Today is going to be awesome. We have plans to go join some of our single, childless friends at a Memorial Day pool party at an apartment complex (hello two years ago!), and I'm very excited to see all of them! It'll be nice to hang out with old friends while having some beers and BBQ, AND it'll be Ava's first time in the big pool! So excited. Don't worry - once mommy has so much as a taste of booze, there'll be no more pool time with little A. Water is such an amazing thing to explore, but it can easily turn deadly. Please please please never look away even for a second. When I worked with foster children, we had a little girl nearly drown while the foster parent changed her little brother's diaper. You'd think you wouldn't need to emphasize these things, but sometimes people just need a reminder :)

Have a fantastic Sunday everyone!


  1. Happy birthday! I hope it was a great one for you!

    Drew and I were at a mall this weekend and when we walked past Mrs. Fields I was TOTALLY craving a cookie cake...once the babies are weaned we're having a huge dairy party! :o)

  2. Happy Birthday, sweetie!!

    I'm hoping that you get that ring, and if not- he better have given you a kick ass day!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!! I know what you mean about birthdays. I also LOVE mine and usually plan a big birthday dinner with all my friends. I had a friend tell me today actually that I could have a holiday themed birthday party for Jack. Uh, NO Jack will be having his very own day without any reminders of the holidays! The two will NOT be combined EVER!

    I hope you get you big birthday wish. No matter what, I hope you enjoyed your day. Hope to see pics of Ava at the pool too!

  4. Happy birthday!

    And I will reiterate...hun, he's a guy. Guys are dense.

    SAY SOMETHING to him.

    Glad you had a wonderful day!


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