Friday, May 28, 2010


I forgot to mention my doctor's appointment in my post earlier, which was the entire reason I logged on this morning!

Anyhow, no news seems to be good news? The doc ran some tests to check my blood sugars, thyroid, electrolytes, etc. He agreed that it was most likely dehydration, though, as well, so fingers crossed! That's good, right??

He did, however, refer me to a dermatologist. I was born with a birthmark near my right underarm, and while it's always been larger than I'd like, it seems as though it's changed a bit, so off to the derm to have it checked out. Lame. Anyone know what I should expect here??

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  1. I had a birthmark on my head for years and years...the doctors operated to cut it off when I was 6 because they were afraid it'd be cancerous...lil girl has a birthmark on her thigh that we keep a close eye on.


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