Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Swim Lessons!

Hello, friends!

I am very, very excited this morning. Why, you ask? I have just registered Ava and myself for swim lessons this summer!!

We're going to be taking them at the beautiful West Enfield Park, from June 21st-July 1st! So exciting! S has been taking swim lessons the past two weeks and while we watch her, I've been putting Ava in the baby pool to splash and feel the cool water. At first I was worried she would hate being dunked in the cold water, but she LOVES it!

They're even letting us start in the class a week before Ava turns six months old, which is the age requirement, so thank you City of Austin!!! AND, while some of the private lessons and swim shops in Austin charges upwards of $200-300 for two weeks of lessons, City of Austin Parks & Rec only charges $55!!!! What the what?! That's amazing!

On a side note, can we all please have a good chuckle that the West Austin Neighborhood Group is self-entitled WANG? Ha! That's awesome.

Now for a serious question - is it tacky for me to wear a bikini to the lessons? Clearly not a flashy one, of course, but I do not own a one-piece swimsuit, nor do I plan to unless absolutely necessary. And maybe a little bit, but just a wee bit, I'm proud of the fact that I am a mother and still can wear a bikini. That could be contributing just slightly. So is it tacky? Feel free to be brutally honest - I am far more concerned with looking like an idiot than I am having to purchase a one-piece swimsuit!

Thanks, ladies!


  1. What to wear is your choice. You will however endure dirty looks from the other moms who AREN'T able to wear a bikini, so be warned.

  2. I agree with Xar... you will get LOTS of looks, I'm sure.... but I say wear what you want girl!!! Enjoy the lessons, how fun!

  3. 1. WEAR IT! If you can, do it! As long as it's not tacky like a string bikini. {And, please note, I am toooooootally jealous}

    2. I wish I could add you to my blog roll. It's the only way I remember who to visit. We need to make you a button.

    3. Thank you for reminding me that I want to sign James up for swimming lessons.

    4. Mother's day presents- they are both fabulous, but sigh.... have you told him how you feel yet?

    5. Holy crap- please feel better. Both you, and Ava. I don't like seeing my bloggy buddies and babies sick.

    6. Lastly, Ava is an adorable chipmunk. She totally make me miss my uterus.

    Toni @ Hemp & High Heels

  4. You should totally wear a bikini! I agree that the only ones who will give dirty looks are the mamas who can't pull it off. Flaunt it lady! :o)


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