Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day! May Day!

Yesterday, besides being Ava's Christening, was the beginning of my absolutely favorite month! I LOVE May!

First, May Day (aka May 1st) is always fun, if for no other reason than it's the first of May and the weather is always fantastic this time of year. Besides that, my first Mother's Day is coming up a week from today (is anyone else just SO excited about this?!?!), and then comes D's birthday, followed a few days later by my birthday! 26, here we come!!!

I'm also looking forward to Ava being five months old, since four months is the peak danger zone for SIDS. I know I could stand to relax a bit about this, but I just can think of little else. Six months will be a major turning point for me, but five months is a good start :)

Ava's up to a bunch these days! Besides how chatty and vocal she is, she's also ALL about her feet these days. She likes to hang out in what we yogis call "happy baby" pose - the irony is not lost on me! She gets snugglier and snugglier every single day, and prefers to take naps curled up next to me or laying on my chest. Despite the fact that this allows me to get absolutely nothing done, I try to enjoy it and let her whenever I can. They're only little once :)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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  1. May is one of my favorites too, but only because it's Hannah's birthday and of course in school I always associated it with the END of the school year.

    I don't blame Ava one bit for being obsessed with those toes! They are definitely tasty looking and if Connor's chubby legs weren't in the way he would be getting to his more often too! LOL


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