Monday, May 17, 2010

Tummy Time!

First off, Ava tested negative for whooping cough! Thank you, God!

That brings us to the conflict we've been having around the house this past weekend. As it turns out, Ava wants to roll nonstop, but only from her back to tummy. And with me being an extremely nervous mommy when it comes to SIDS, I do NOT want Ava on her tummy EVER when I'm not watching her like a hawk - ie. the middle of the night. Which, naturally, is when she chooses to roll over and over and know, instead of sleeping. Needless to say, mommy is very tired today. Any suggestions on how to discourage rolling at night? I had a wedge for her once upon a time, but discarded it when she managed to scoot down far enough to bury her face in the side. It was doing more harm than good at that point!

Now on to the good stuff. We had a productive weekend, with me finally pulling the weeds out front so Ava and I can plant flowers this coming weekend. We also picked up some small size swim diapers so that I can start putting more than just her feet in the water, as well as some infant sunblock. I had heard you shouldn't put sunblock on them prior to six months, but when I read that parents are told that in order to not give them a false sense of security while having baby out in the sun as opposed to actual health reasons, I'm gonna go ahead and lather her up. It's WAY too hot in Austin (it hit 99 last week!) for me to be covering every inch of her skin in clothing, hats, socks, etc.

I finally finished Ava's garbage pail I was painting for her room. It's been basically done for two weeks, but I needed to do some touch-up work, and I'm so glad I did. It turned out just how I wanted it to!

Here are some recent pictures of my little lovebug!

Her new garbage pail for her room:

Rolling to one side:

And the other:

My little ballerina:


What a strong girl!


  1. Are you lacing your milk with cute juice? She is getting cuter by the day. I love the garbage pail. You did a great job!

    Toni @ Hemp & High Heels

  2. When they can roll over by themselves, I've been told the risk of SIDS is less because they can move in their sleep.

    You won't be able to prevent her winding up on her belly now that she can roll over unless you don't want to sleep at all. Marianne still and always has preferred her tummy, and she's never had a problem with anything. Her crib sheet is tight against the mattress, and she has no bumpers so there's nothing to impede breathing.

    I personally wouldn't use the wedges...I've heard horror stories about them, and anyway, Marianne was always able to wiggle out of anything I tried to put her in, so she goes to bed in a pair of footie pajamas with a light blanket and her toys.

    Most of the time I find her curled up using the blanket as a pillow, poor thing, or she'll be laid out on her back, snoozing with her head in the crook of her's really adorable.


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