Friday, July 16, 2010

All-Terrain Sunscreen/Repellent Review.

It's summer in Austin, which means one thing: it is H-O-T. Not wanting my little one to sustain any sort of sunburn or skin damage, this year I've gone through more sunscreen than in the past five years combined, and it's only July! That's why I sprung at the opportunity to review All Terrain's line of kids sunscreen and insect repellent when it presented itself.

Seeing as how our pool recently opened up after undergoing extensive renovations (sidenote: HOAS - do NOT renovate your pool. In the summer. In Texas.), we've spent four out of the past five days poolside, giving us ample opportunity to try out the sunscreens.

All Terrain sent me two sunscreens: the KidSport performance sunscreen, a non-greasy, SPF 30, sunscreen cream that read "very water/sweat resistant", and the KidSport spray, also SPF 30 and water and sweat resistant. Both are oxybenzoane and paraben-free, both cruelty-free, and both in recyclable packaging - all a huge plus for this green mama. Better yet, they both worked wonders on A's fragile little skin. Not only did they go on easily and non-greasy as promised, but they didn't irritate her sensitive little baby skin, and most importantly, she stayed as pasty as ever. No burns here!

All Terrain also sent me samples of their Kids Herbal Armor, a natural, DEET-free pump spray insect repellent. Seeing as how I'm a magnet for mosquitoes and July in Texas usually means swarms of them, I put this on the other night while we were out in the backyard grilling. Not only did I stay bite free, but I was pleasantly surprised with the fragrance of the spray. Whereas most spray insect repellents have a harsh chemical odor and thick feeling that you want to avoid breathing near, this spray had neither but rather a nice citrus-y smell reminiscent of - you guessed it - a citronella candle. I'll definitely be replacing our OFF! spray with this product.

The last product I tried out was the Kids Skin Soother Gel (clearly these products work for adults as well, they're just kid-friendly also). The Skin Soother Gel is a natural skin protectant gel that helps to protect minor burns/cuts/scrapes, as well as heal dry/chapped skin. It is made from allantoin and aloe, and is paraben-free. Seeing as how I didn't have my Kids Herbal Armor until recently, I suffered some mosquito bites a few weeks back and decided to put this product over them to give them an extra healing boost. I was worried that it would sting, but lo and behold it actually had a soothing cooling effect, and felt nice against my skin.

I would recommend any and all of these products, particularly if you spend a lot of time outdoors or live in an area plagued with mosquitoes or with particularly heavy sun (I'm looking at YOU, Southern U.S. states!).

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  1. Cute Blog. Following from Chickadee Friday!

    Visit sometime!

  2. How do you connect with these companies? I would love the opportunity to try and review some new products, but am clueless as to how to go about it.

  3. For anyone who is interested in receiving free samples of products to review, please contact me!


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