Monday, July 12, 2010

I've Lost It.

Many of my childless friends and family alike ask me how I lost the baby weight. Let me tell you. I NEVER stop moving.

Oh. You thought this was going to be about how I've lost my mind? Rest assured - I've lost that too. I'm just pretty sure you all are sick of hearing about it...

Anyhow, let me tell you about my weekend. I was busy. Like, BUSSSSSSSSSY.
I made 80 servings of baby food, including pumpkin, applesauce, peaches, broccoli and sweet potatoes. Then, since my baby won't sleep (the one thing I didn't do enough of this weekend...), I made 30 servings of rice cereal in an attempt to fill her up.

I worked in the garden.

I took Ava to our neighborhood pool that finally opened up - not that it hasn't been 100 for the past month (Thanks, HOA. You suck.).

D's dad came to visit and we BBQ'd while watching the World Cup final match (Viva Espana!)

I cleaned all three of our bathrooms.

I did three loads of laundry (how is it possible that three people make SO much laundry? I guess in our defense it should be noted that one was due to Ava peeing through her diaper and all over our bed, so one was due to that situation).

I went to HEB. Twice.

I vacuumed both floors.

I made dairy-free brownies. Delish. Thank you, Duncan Hines. You'll forever be my brownie of choice :)

Hmm...I'm sure there is more, but I can't remember it now because I'm exhausted. I need a weekend from my weekend.

And so friends, despite having eaten almost the entire pan quite a bit of brownies on my own in 24 hours, I managed to lose my baby weight because I never have a chance to sit down.

I'm not entirely sure this is a worthwhile trade-off.


  1. Busy, busy B!! BTW, we've got to get together and make some baby food! I think Baby Butterbean is tired of eating the same things over and over again, but our crappy small town grocery store has a very, *very* limited organic selection! I'm thinking a trip to whole foods is in order??

  2. I make those brownies too! Yay, yay!! They are sooo good (and are definitely the kind that I'll always make since DH saved me during this dark, dairy-free time of life)

    You are such a busy bee! Lots of brownies sound in order. :o)

  3. Yummy! You've made me crave brownies now!

    You sound super busy, no wonder you've lost the weight... I'm sure breastfeeding does its part too! I've somehow lost an extra 7 pounds (and I'm hoping to keep going a little further!) Who knew that having a baby was the best exercise plan/diet in the world?!

  4. I really think that breastfeeding has helped a lot too. I gained 50 (yes, 50!!) pounds and have lost all of it and then some. I haven't really done anything to lose it though. Unfortunately I work a desk job all day. But, when I'm home with Jack, I'm always on the move and I don't get the chance to eat a lot. And when Jack is napping on weekends and after he goes to bed at night, I'm cooking or doing laundry. Us mama's need some rest!

    I'm so glad you found a brownie you can eat. I actually have some DH in the cupboard that I plan to make this week. :)


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