Saturday, July 24, 2010

Not Gonna Lie...

...yesterday was rough. I'm talking, worst day since Ava was born (with the exception of the day Ava was burned and also when I had to hold her down for lab work when she had measles) type of rough.

First, Ava went from crawling a few feet in a matter of several minutes to crawling quicker, farther. In fact, bad mama that I am I sat her down in the living room at the D's while I made lunch for everyone, and next thing I know, someone had their hand on my ankle. Besides scaring the bejesus out of me, I was pretty floored she'd come that far. Baby-proofing this weekend, apparently...

Also, many things went wrong. Not only was I insanely busy juggling three kiddos between Lowe's (for seeds and soil to grow pumpkins for Halloween), the craft store (I swear I make at least two trips here a week between my household and theirs) and the library, as well as making breakfast and lunch for all of us and packing a bag for them for an impromptu weekend at the beach, I also had some terrible luck. I was feeling more than a little stressed most of the day, and then, with A having been a crawler for less than 24 hours, she moved off the carpet onto the hardwoods and face planted. She wasn't hurt, but she sure was pissed! Can't say I blame her!

Then, having recently opened a savings account for little A's college fund, I went to make a deposit for both myself and for her, and the ATM went haywire. As in, gave me a receipt stating I had deposited SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS LESS than I actually did, noting on the bottom of the receipt, "Sorry, there were funds in this transaction that could neither be processed nor returned." W.T.F.?!?!!? Where the hell is my money then? Perhaps ATM limbo? I then had to take my grouchy, refusing-to-nap-all-day baby inside the bank and try to explain what happened, getting "yeah right" glances from the tellers inside. Let me tell you now, bank. If you think I won't withdrawal every last cent and close my accounts over something like this, you've got another thing coming. When the inside manager couldn't help me, citing that their ATM's are on a different system than the inside bank (seriously???), I then had to spend my drive home in traffic with a crying baby on the phone with the world's biggest idiot, who basically, thirty minutes later, gave me this advice: Wait it out to see if it processes overnight. Really? THIRTY MINUTES TO TELL ME THAT??? Geeeeez. Unfortunately that didn't work, so I spent the morning filing a claim with the bank while they search for nearly $500 missing dollars that I don't exactly have to fork over to a machine. Sonofabitch.

The day continued to go downhill from there. D had a farewell happy hour after work, so it was just A and I, and I was...a bit stressed. I fed A dinner and ran her bath, looking oh-so-forward to my own girl's night of drinks and dinner at Vivo a few hours later, when A reached out and grabbed the leg of the over-the-toilet bathroom shelf in her bathroom, bringing it toppling over on me. Thankfully she was spared, but I managed to get knocked in the head by a glass shelf, and then, while cleaning up the broken glass from some of her little containers that broke, sliced my hand open and bled profusely while the water overflowed in her bathtub. If Ava's first words are profane, I'll trace it back to this very moment.

For this, and a few other, reasons, we had to postpone girl's night :( Once D got home and A went to sleep, I passed out at 9PM, not wanting to be awake (and therefore a target for more mishaps) any longer. Thankfully today was much better!

A post on first birthday parties (Ava went to her first today) and babyproofing (how I'll spend tomorrow) forthcoming!


  1. Wow hun. That sucks. And glad Ava's crawling around, though it does make your job harder...pray she doesn't start climbing early either.

    M climbs everything. *sigh* Fearless kid she is, I constantly worry she's gonna crack her head open on something...

  2. Holy cow! That is a terrible day! I hope the bank gets everything sorted for you, I can't imagine how stressed that would make you! I transfered money into the wrong account number when I was trying to switch money from our UK accounts to our US accounts and I thought I was going to lose it... I can't imagine actually being at the bank and having them tell me to wait it out. What bank do you use- I want to avoid them! ;)

    As for Ava crawling, I'm sure that is terrifying! I'm anxious about Liara becoming mobile for that very reason! I hope your cut heals quickly and you have a much better day today!

  3. Wow. At least that day is behind you. Crazy! I'm curious to see how baby-proofing goes for you. We put in a gate at the foot of the stairs and installed a cat door on the basement door (the door normally stays open which obviously isn't an option for much longer). I still need to put on cabinet and toilet locks and all that fun stuff, but I have a little longer before it becomes necessary.

    I hope this next week is much better for you!!

  4. wow! that was quite a day! I'm glad you at least survived to tell the tale and surely there won't be a repeat any time soon (because the universe and powers that be aren't that sadistic...hopefully:) )


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