Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Soapwalla Review.

I recently got in touch with Soapwalla, an all-natural, organic company owned and operated by Rachel Winard, that sells face and body products. I was sent a sample of one of her amazing soaps - the almond oil and oats soap bar - and one of their signature products, the Soapwalla deodorant cream.

It would be a lie to say I wasn't skeptical of the deodorant cream. Besides the texture issue (a deodorant cream??), I worried that the coverage and effectiveness wouldn't keep up with my usual deodorant or my super-busy mom lifestyle. Boy, was I wrong. I used the deodorant cream both yesterday and today, and I was blown away by how it held up through hour after hour of errand-running, grocery shopping, wrestling my active little monkey through diaper changes and beyond. Not only that, but application was easy (you just dip your finger into the cream like lip balm, and gently rub it into your underarms), mess-free AND smelled great - no chemical or overpowering smells like with most commercial deodorants! Best of all, no pit stains or embarassing body odor.

I should also note that I have highly sensitive skin. I can't wear Secret, and Degree usually causes me to develop razor burn. I generally use scent-free deodorants such as Almay. This product, however, did not irritate my skin whatsoever! I would highly recommend the Soapwalla deodorant cream!

As for the soap, I was equally impressed. I put the sample in my kitchen, seeing as how I was preparing a meat dish from scratch last night, and used it to clean my hands over and over and over throughout meal prep and cooking. Whereas my usual Bath & Body Works foaming soap leaves my hands feeling dry, the almond oil and oats soap left them feeling fresh, without the need for lotion. My favorite thing about the soap, though, was that it didn't leave any filmy feeling on my hands. So often the soap I use feels like it didn't quite wash off, which isn't ideal when you're handling a baby who inevitably sticks your hand in her mouth all day long. This soap, though, smelled great and washed off clean.

I am definitely going to be shopping Soapwalla in the future!

For more on this company, you can follow Soapwalla on Twitter (@soapwalla), visit Soapwalla's Facebook page, or visit the Etsy shop by clicking here.

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