Monday, July 19, 2010

Grab My Button! (UPDATE)

So I *think* I've finally (weeks and maybe even months later!) solved my blog button issue, thanks to Our Life in a Click and this tutorial she recommended :) THANK YOU!

On a side note, if I haven't fixed it and I just think I did, definitely let me know :)

Update: And also a HUGE thank you to Emily for being the mastermind behind fixing my button. I clearly have a mental block when it comes to blog button HTML :)

**And as always, a huge thank you to Toni over at Hemp & High Heels for designing my button! You rock, girl!


  1. Great button! Just so you know, the HTML code doesn't work as is.

    Where it says "YOUR WEB ADDRESS" you need to type in the blogspot address. You might also need to reference back to a Photobucket account so your button image shows up when people insert the HTML code into their blog.

    If you want more details (or the exact code to copy) just email me!

  2. Glad I could pass on the info. I just checked and I was going to tell you the same thing that Emily did above. You're almost there!!!

    Thanks for the linky love!!!!!!



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