Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Giraffes, Blocks & Rings - Oh My!

Lots going on around here.

First off, Ava's gotten some new toys, and she LOVES them. Here's a quick pick of all her faves these days:

Notice Sophie the Giraffe nestled in there. Yeah, yeah, I swore to myself I wouldn't pay upwards of twenty bucks for a glorified chew toy, but I'm a sucker a mommy that wants her baby to be happy, and Sophie makes her very, very happy. In fact, expect to see many different shots of Sophie in upcoming pics because, well, Ava and Sophie are attached at the hip.

She also loves the stacking rings, and while she can't stack them yet, she sure as heck can take them off all day long. She's also a rather big fan of the stacking cups, and likes to pretend to drink them all day long. At least we know where she inherited that tendency...

The sorting blocks are a favorite, but not with the top on. They've also led us to discover that I'm passing on my uber anal tidy tendencies to Ava, since if you put the rings in the red blocks box (didn't know you were tuning in for a Dr. Suess book tonight, did you?), she freaks out and takes them out. Apparently only blocks can go in the red blocks box. Yikes.

One of Ava's favorite things to play with in the car is the crunchy book you see pictured. It has no words, just pics, but makes a crinkly sound she absolutely loves, and is great for teething. It also helps me to know when she's awake or not while in the backseat without having to crane my neck to access her mirror. Works for me.

We recently got her a little push car with balls that pop, but she's totally not into it yet. Which is surprising, since look what position she found her way into earlier:

What the heck. It is NOT time to crawl Ava, no matter how adorable your efforts are.

On a less adorable note, here are some recent things we've been dealing with that I'm far less fond of:

-Ava has decided it's great fun to blow raspberries at me during breakfast every morning. While I have no one to blame but myself (I knew it would come back to haunt me, but the laugh she lets out when you blow raspberries at her is just too stinkin' cute to pass up!), it's still a bit obnoxious, particularly this morning when we tried prunes.

-We tried prunes this morning, as previously mentioned, because Ava was super constipated. It's not that she hadn't gone in a while, but she was so obviously straining. I'm talking, grabbing-her-high-chair-and-turning-bright-red type of straining. Poor baby. Anyhow, I gave her prunes and pears, and over the course of the day, out popped SIX poo diapers. Geeeeeeeeeeeeez. The lesson here? Prunes OR pears, not prunes AND pears. Check.

-Ava decided last night that she wanted to party. While she only woke up once, which is fine by me, that one time lasted fro 2:45-5AM. Unfortunately, 5AM was the exact time I'd set in my mind that I was going to wake up David and tell him it was time for him to take over. She fell asleep at 4:57. I kid you not. She then proceeded to sleep in until 9:30 while I got up at 7:30AM to deal with the pest control guy. Oh, the joys of adulthood.

Anyone with any tips on how to discourage the whole spitting cereal and fruits all over mommy thing? I'm not a huge fan.

I am, however, a huge fan of this face:
(note the homemade "Argh, kiss me booty" pirate onesie and baby converse!)

And this one:

And I wouldn't have minded seeing this particular version of Ava at 3AM:

Here's hoping she'll continue to sleep better now that she's been getting some (homemade) oatmeal and rice cereal!


  1. Man, I've been debating on getting Sophie, but figured the $2 teeth would do just as well. Haha! Guess I should get it for him :)

    That's funny about the poopie diapers :) At least she's not stopped up anymore. Ha!
    I feel for ya about your night last night. We're up during that time quite often. Yuck! Hope tonight is muuuch better!!

  2. I gave in to the Sophie too.... as its popularity was overwhelming. B likes it, but not as much as I thought he would.... still nice to have.

    I'm not sure what you can do about the raspberries... Bennett doesn't do that.. .yet. :) Good luck with that!

  3. She is getting so big!!! Jack loves his Sophie, but he is in no way attached to it. I even got him 2- one stays in his daycare bag and one stays in his diaper bag. It's nice to be able to pull it out when I'm out and trying to actually eat. I just got some music toys. He loves them! It's time to make the transition to more interactive and fun toys. I love it!

    Sometimes when Jack is eating, he'll start babbling and stop opening his mouth for the next bite. That's when the meal ends! I've had food spit on me once or twice, but not too much. I think it's funny though and messes are inevitable!

  4. Waaaaahhhhh! I want a little girl! I love that little tuu-tuu she's rocking there.

    As far as the raspberries- good luck figuring that out. Just don't give her a reaction and she'll stop eventually.

  5. She is so adorable! I'm visiting from Follow Me, Chickadee. I signed up to be a new follower.

  6. Hi! Visiting fom Follow Me Fridy Chickadee (Is that actually it's name? I should probably check that!) :)

    Your daughter is ADORABLE!! I totally understand the blowing of the aspberries frustration! My son does the same thing and it drives me insane!! But, like your little one, he finds it hilarious and sometimes I have to remind myself that the mess is worth the joy!!


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