Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today has been a great day. First and foremost, Ava finally slept through the night, after taking a six plus week hiatus from it. Mommy slept like a baby. So much so I have a kink in my neck, but honestly, who the hell cares. I SLEPT! Isn't it funny how despite waking up earlier today than any other day this week so far (6:15), I still feel like a million bucks just from getting some uninterrupted sleep??
Yesterday, I took all three girls to the pool after picking up S & P from backyard camp. I had just fed Ava prior to picking them up as to ensure she wouldn't get hungry, but she really only felt like eating from one side.

Anyhow, we're bouncing around at the pool, splashing and having a great time singing some of the songs from swim class (yep, i'm that mama), when I lift Ava up for the "pop" part of "Pop, Goes the Weasel" and what should happen? Out pops the boob A didn't nurse from. Apparently my swimsuit was made for empty boobies, not full ones. Grrrrrrrrrreat.

To make matters worse, the handsome dad - ie. the one that the moms always act a fool around when he makes it to playdates/activities - just so happened to be at the pool. Super fantastic.
I'm taking Ava and D to meet my entire family in three weeks. We'll be flying direct to San Francisco (thank you, God, for direct flights!) and then making the three hour trip to our home in the Sierra Nevadas. Ay ay ay. While I'm excited to see my family and have them meet A, the trip sucks. I try to only go home once every two or so years because I dread it so much.

All traveling-with-baby suggestions welcome & appreciated! Also, any how-to-ease-your-significant-others-stress-when-meeting-your-dad/extended family-for-the-first-time tips welcome as well. I'm more worried about him (and his incessant complaints about traveling with a baby) than I am A.
You know what word I hate more than anything? If you're thinking "panties", you're wrong. I know most women hate it, but "panties" doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I think it's adorable. Boyfriend, on the other hand, never fails to irk me. It sounds like something a high schooler would say, not a 26-year-old professional, homeowner and mommy. It just sounds so trivial compared to how I'd define our relationship, as if it's temporary and not to be taken seriously. As such, I frequently relate to D as my partner, instead. I'm pretty sure a lot of random strangers think I'm a lesbian because of this. Better that than they think I have a (gasp) boyfriend. *shudder*
I can eat goat cheese! Fellow dairy-free(ers), you may be able to also! I read this entire article (can't find the link, dammit) about how some milk allergic/sensitive babies don't react to goat cheese, as it's the closest thing to breastmilk (weird), and so at brunch Sunday I tried out the theory with a tomato and goat cheese omelet. Guess who's still diarrhea-free, three days later? MIRACLE!
I forgot to send the email I referred to last week. Again. Oops. Can you tell I don't care all that much? You can't sweat the small stuff, friends.

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  1. hahahaha so cute that your boob decided to pop out and say hello! And how convenient on the day the "hot" dad is there. LOL LOL
    I also think it's funny that you think people might think you're a lesbian b/c of the "partner" referral. And even better you don't care! Awesome.

    Yay for finding goat cheese!!! I can't imagine giving up dairy. You = Trooper!


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