Friday, September 25, 2009

Capital Peds.

So, I have *tentatively* found a pediatric group and pediatrician for little Baby B! YAY!

I was hoping to find a group with:
a.) a great reputation
b.) less traditional attitudes (aka no old geysers forcing has-been child-rearing practices on me)
c.) flexible office hours
d.) a larger group, in case our particular doctor isn't available and Baby B is sick

Capital Peds seems to meet and exceed all my expectations, and so far I'm very happy with the attitude of the individuals I've spoken to on the phone. I'm leaning towards Dr. Sandra Treybig as Baby B's pediatrician, pending a callback from her nurse about her feelings on an alternative vaccination schedule. (NOTE: DO NOT GET ME WRONG. I HAVE EVERY INTENTION OF VACCINATING MY CHILD. I just have a vaccination allergy myself, and want to introduce Baby B's vaccinations on a slightly different schedule than the norm in case she has a similar allergy, so we know what it is she's reacting to.)

Anyone heard anything, good or bad, or have any experiences with this doctor they'd like to share?

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