Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I feel like complete and total crap. I had a cough a couple weeks back that luckily, though it lingered, didn't turn into anything, and so yesterday morning when it picked back up I didn't think much of it. By the afternoon, however, it was getting worse to where a cough drop was an absolute necessity, and by 4PM I felt absolutely horrid. I am lucky to be able to say that D has superior taking-care-of-me-when-I'm-sick skills, so I was able to rest up last night a bit, but sadly I still felt like crap each time I woke up last night and all day today.

Unfortunately, I also agreed to babysit this evening before coming down with this little bug or whatnot, so I'm babysitting for at least another couple hours before I can finally run home and crash. Such a bummer.

Fingers crossed it's not the flu. I'm quite achy, but my wrist is also acting up, so it may be round ligament and other pregnancy pain rather than classic body aches of the flu. Here's hoping!!!

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