Friday, September 18, 2009


Now that I'm looking over all my recent posts, with her room and bathroom and girl-oriented things, I have become nearly hysterical that God forbid she is actually a he. OMG I need it to be 10/7 so I can have another ultrasound!!!!!!!!

Anyone wanna check out the gender scan pics to tell me what they think?! This is the link.


  1. Hun,

    It's hard to tell but from what I've been told by the doctor who confirmed Marianne was indeed a girl, there's a distinct pattern to look for amongst the three straight lines (nicknamed in some posts the "cheeseburger") which detonates the bones on either side of her parts. When Dr. Addleberg identified Marianne, she just happened to be in a position the goods were clearly visible, even I was able to see them when she pointed them out...I was 21 weeks at that ultrasound.

    The doctors told me pretty much anything before 20 weeks is unreliable, hence my prior warning a few weeks ago. Though I am sure at this point if she's a he, you'll see evidence of it being fairly obvious.

    I wouldn't worry'll find out for sure today, at least...and the 3D ones tend to be VERY easy to differentiate body parts. ;)

  2. I've actually never heard of anyone getting an incorrect gender diagnosis after 16 weeks, though I'm sure it happens. I'm just looking for a little peace of mind is all, but luckily I'll be finding it in a little under an hour.


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