Friday, August 6, 2010

The Austin Zoo.

Today, stupidly (I say stupidly because the heat index was 109 and I was wearing black pants), we paid a visit to the amazing Austin Zoo. Austin Zoo is spectacular not because of it's broad range of wildlife (truth be told, it's lacking in that department), but because it's a rescue zoo, housing sick and rehabilitating animals who would otherwise be unable to survive in the wild. Pretty nifty, eh? I love Austin.


  1. Awww. Awesome zoo!

    You're brave. I'm a mommy but kids still make me nervous. They're supercute, though.

    Can I snuggle your baby, please? She looks like a perfect little doll.

  2. Pssst...

    I'm following you twice!

    I clearly have no business owning a computer.


  3. Ok, this nonsense of commenting from my phone is getting redonkculous! I posted a comment, and then? *poof* no comment. Gone. Anyway, basically it said that this is why you're my friend, to clue me in on all of the awesome things Austin has to offer. Because, I'm the idiot that didn't even know there was a zoo in Austin!


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