Monday, August 23, 2010

Playing Catch Up.

I have been both a neglectful blogger and commenter the past week and a half, so I'm working to remedy that today. Sorry!

The girls started school this morning, and seeing as how I'm already working on a reduced schedule and their mom wanted to pick them up on their first day, I'm off and hanging out at home with little A. This morning we went to Kids N' Play - an awesome little inflatable kid land - with my moms group. This is the second time we've been, and Ava loves it! I was worried she was too little for it, but they have all these little gym type things for climbing, and her motor skills are such that she can really play on them. Check it out:

Thankfully she came home and hit the hay, since she hasn't been napping well after having taken a dive off the bed. Here's our makeshift nap situation until I figure out something better and/or get her into her crib for naptime:

I swear we're the only non college students still rocking a futon (in our defense, it's in the upstairs living area - downstairs we have a really nice sectional!!)

Though not ideal, take a look at our other option:

Hahaha - she cracks me up.

I once read a theory about how SIDS may be caused by a build-up of toxic gases in baby mattresses, citing evidence that children who sleep on used mattresses succumb to SIDS more often, so...well, until we get a *new* mattress, having been given one, she'll be napping on the futon. Whatevs.

Not much else to report. While I was sad for about...5 minutes...about the whole going part-time thing, so far, I LIKE. I'm in yoga pants and a bikini top, about to head to the pool with my baybay. Life is good!


  1. Love the picture! I wish our po-dunk little town had something like Kids'n Play.

    We still have a futon, too, and we're well into middle age. It's just so useful ... we'll probably never get rid of it!

  2. Me too girl! So much to catch up on!!! Enjoy the extra time with sweet little A!

  3. I love that picture of her in the PnP. Too cutue!! I need to start taking Jack to some kind of a gym, at least to check it out and see if it would be worth the mega bucks they like to charge around here. He is all over the place these days and my house it too small for him to really do much.

    Enjoy working part-time. I am super jealous! ;)

  4. Oh my gosh, I love that photo in the pack 'n play! Too cute!!

  5. LOVE the pictures. I've got one of The Cute like that in her pack & play. And The Cute has those amazing socks! The playland looks SO fun!

    18 months have gone by and I'm still too paranoid to let my girl sleep with a blanket because I'm SURE she'll smother herself, so I feel ya on the SIDS worry.

    Please know that I'm actually a little jealous of your futon. I always wanted one and feel like I missed out by never having one. I'd put one in The Cute's room for overnight visitors but Eddie and I have had ONE since we've lived together, so...

    (His feet stink. I bet that's why.)


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