Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today Was Awesome.

Today was seriously such a great day! I love being able to say that :)

First off, I had the day off. Mrs. D wanted to stay home and hang out with the girls, so she gave me the day off. Loooooooooooove that. Then, D called in sick so we could have a "day date", seeing as how Tuesday is baby day at the Alamo, and so we headed over to the theater with little A to see Inception (which is really good, btw!) and to eat some delish food...as long as I can have the Alamo BLT and fries, why do I need dairy????

Then, we came home and I passed out in a food coma on the couch for two hours. Yep, a mid-week two-hour nap. Heaven.

Then, I didn't feel like eating dinner (aka cooking dinner), so D had leftovers and I got out of cooking :) Hallelujah!

Anyhow, nothing else to share right now - I have to get caught up on my writing - but check back tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday :)


  1. so glad you got to have a relaxing day, you definitely deserved it! and i *love* the alamo for having baby days!!

  2. That's wonderful!!! I'm so jealous you have a theatre that does baby days. I looked into it at my local theaters, but got nothing. I hope the rest of your week is great too!

  3. I'm so jealous too! lol. I need a break or, at the very least, an extra set of eyes and hands. Glad you had a great day though. Guess I will just live vicariously through you. :-)


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