Friday, August 27, 2010

What To Do In Case Of A Break-In.

I *wish* that this was an informative post, but rather, I'm posing the question to you, dear readers.

Let me preface this post by saying that I do not live in the hood. In fact, I live in a shiny new subdivision where I bought my house brand new not even four years ago. So why, pray tell, are we having an issue with break-ins? The only thing I can tell you is that it can happen to anyone, which brings me to my post today.

Lately, there have been five homes in my small subdivision who have had their doors KICKED IN (who is brazen enough to go that route???) and have been robbed in broad daylight. There doesn't seem to be any pre-burglary casing, or anything like that. Their M.O. simply is to kick the door in, listen for an alarm or activity, and then load up.

In a nutshell, this scares the hell out of me.

I'm home a great deal with my new, reduced schedule. And a lot of that time is spent either putting A to sleep, or writing quietly while she sleeps. Upon first listen, a burglar could easily mistake the fact that we were home. So I ask - as I pondered quite terrified while in the shower this morning - what do you do if someone breaks in while you're home?

I've always been more than a little anti-gun. I'm definitely not a card-carrying member of the NRA. But, is it time to invest (safely, of course, and in a place where A could NEVER, EVER unlock it and where the ammo would be separately stashed). If you're going to store the gun in a place where it's unloaded and locked up separately, is it even going to do any good if, God forbid, one needs to use it?

Yes, we have a dog, but he's A.) outside, and B.) a major p-word. And yes, we're getting an alarm pronto. It just terrifies me to think that someone could break-in while we're home, and I have no way of defending my daughter or myself. Even if I were to hide, how does one hide with an increasingly vocal baby?

ALL opinions, NRA included, welcome :)

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  1. Sometimes just pointing a gun at a would-be intruder is enough to make them run. You don't need to load it, so having an empty one nearby in case of emergency might be a good idea. I can't stand the thought of actually firing a bullet at another human, even in an extreme situation. But I wouldn't have any trouble at all pointing an unloaded one at an intruder and looking damn serious about shooting them if they continue forward. I don't have much more advice than that. Sorry hun.

  2. Yikes! You have me terrified! I have no idea, so I definitely want to read suggestions. I'm home during the day too and not sure what to do either.

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  4. How scary! When I lived in the 'hood, I would sleep with mace. Of course, I never slept that well. When a rapist started targeting young, professional women who lived alone (of which I was one), I moved to another neighborhood.

    I don't have any suggestions for you--I don't know what I would do. I would probably get a gun and learn how to use it, with the hopes that I would never actually *have* to use it. Like Jennifer said, just pointing the gun could possibly be enough. But if it wasn't, I wouldn't want to get caught with an unloaded one, or with a loaded one I didn't know how to use.

    I hope they catch the bad guys soon!!

  5. I think getting an alarm is a great idea. We have always had one and I get a lot of comfort out of it!

    As far as the gun goes...isn't there some statistic that says most times the gun ends up getting shot at the person holding it, rather than the intruder? Not sure about that one. It would make me way too nervous!

    This sounds crazy, but another tip I heard once was to keep wasp spray nearby. It shoots really far (and accurately) and deters or harms the intruder long enough for you to get away.

    Hope this stops in your neighborhood soon!

  6. We live in a fairly nice neighborhood as well, but in the past 2 years there has been several break ins, a drug bust and a shooting actually! Luckily the drug house has since been sold and no shootings since :o) My car was broken into in my driveway, which is of course upsetting, but like you, I'm most paranoid about a break in, especially while I'm home. We have a dog, who would most likely lick an intruder to death...but we also have an alarm, which if anything I wanted to at least alert me that someone has entered my home. My husband, on the other hand, did not want the alarm....he wanted a gun. So, we compromised and got both. Having a gun in the house really made me nervous for a long time...still kind of does. But, let me tell you, he's gone out of town overnight several times in the past few months, and while I didn't sleep well (of course) I was really comforted in knowing that this gun was in a safe next to my bed. Who knows if I could use it, but just knowing that it's there does make me feel (a little) better. I did warm my hubby though...don't sneak up on my or you may just end up with a gun pointed at your face!

  7. I think some info I have read has said that the best two deterrents from keeping someone from trying to break into your house are 1) a dog (they don't know your dog is a wuss) and 2) one of those alarm signs in your yard. It said they know the difference between a real one and a fake one, so either get an alarm or maybe someone who has a system has an extra? As freaky as it is, if they are watching your neighborhood, they probably know who is gone all day and are targeting those homes. If you keep random hours, they are less likely to hit your house if they are doing this.

  8. New follower, but first, let me say how adorable your baby is!! I would be freaking out too if the same were happening in our area (we moved to a new home subdivision 3 years ago, so I can relate).

    We have two bulldogs who just LOVE people, so they would probably be licking the intruders instead of notifying us!

    I'm terrified of guns but don't object to people who own them and store/use them responsibly.

    That said, I think just having that extra security would make you feel safe. I think they might sell signs you can post on your yard saying that the house is loaded, but not sure if you it would ruin the look of your yard or would scare the neighbors...

    Good call on the alarm system! Get a bat, too!

  9. Get the alarm, get the alarm!

    I'll totally admit to being in the shower while the baby naps and planning my best escape route just in case the hillbilly in the next building loses it and decides to steal us.

    And that's with nothing going on.

    Local break in's are definitely freak-out worthy.

    Don't watch any Dateline-style shows right now.

    But definitely get that alarm.

  10. Okay, first off, whoa-nelly on the gun thing.


    A weapon you don't know how to use is more dangerous to you than an attacker. I'm not anti-gun. When we move back to Aurora, we are investing in a gun, and M will be taught to respect it. Joe knows how to shoot, and I'm a pretty good shot but will be taking lessons at the gun range again anyway.

    If someone breaks into your house, you have the right to defend yourself...I think Colorado is the only state with a Make My Day Law, but Texas might have something similar. If your house looks empty during the day, periodically pull your car out and set it in the driveway...turn lights on and off, anyone observing will know there's someone home and likely not take the chance of getting caught.

    If someone breaks in and you are home, keep a phone nearby to dial 911 and lock yourself and Ava in a bedroom. Most thieves don't intend harm, only to steal whatever's convenient. The best thing is to have a safe, or store your more valuable things in a lockbox.

    The most important thing is not to be afraid. Chances are the break-ins are during the day because people aren't home, and if you make it obvious there IS someone home at your place, your chances of getting broken into are actually less cause most idiot teenagers that do these sorts of things don't want to get caught.


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